APIT is a version of Prolotherapy: the injection of a solution to stimulate the growth of new cells to heal painful areas. Ligaments are the most common sites for injection, although muscles and tendons can also be treated. The traditional prolotherapy injections consist of a mixture of local anesthetic (Lidocaine) and sugar (Dextrose). The sugar solution is concentrated and causes a local irritation to the ligament, tendon, or joint space. The contents of the injection are safe and do not create long term problems. The injections are also given in specific areas that are easy to locate, so injecting inappropriate areas is avoided.

Dr. Kevan injects two substances: homeopathic remedies specifically formulated for the targeted area of pain (I.E. neck, knee, back) and a Chinese herb. She does not use lidocaine.

HOMEOPATHIC INJECTABLES improve mobility, help muscle stretching, soothe pain while moving, act as a defensive barrier against free radicals, and counterbalance the physiological aging of the connective tissue. They will help movement by limiting a physiological degeneration of joints and tissues as well as by counterbalancing any damage caused by aging, bad posture, concomitant chronic diseases, blows & injuries, and pollutants.

The main therapeutic functions provide a barrier effect, a lubricating activity and a mechanical support while administering other pharmacological treatments.  Each injectable can be used as a single treatment or mixed with other medical devices of the same range, in order to make a customized treatment according to clinical evolution.

CHINESE HERBAL INJECTABLES provide anti-inflammatory properties as a polysaccharide with 10,000+ units of dextrose (so 10x more powerful than the monosaccharide of dextrose, that’s used in traditional western prolotherapy).  This herbal regenerative injection therapy stimulates the body’s own natural healing process to strengthen joints weakened by either traumatic or overuse injury to help stabilize joints, decrease pain, and regenerate tissues.

Astragalus is also an excellent immune stimulant!  It protects and supports the immune system by stimulating white blood cell production, therefore preventing colds and upper respiratory infections.  It’s beneficial for everyone to take astragalus in a daily pill or liquid form as a preventive tactic and anti-microbial support; especially important during travel, the flu season and through COVID.  It also benefits the body by lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes, and protecting the liver. It can also be used topically on the skin for wound care.

Please reference the video testimonials from patients who have reduced their joint pain levels from 10/10 to 0/10 and increased their range of motion.
Treatment protocol: 2 treatments for the first 2 weeks, then 1 treatment weekly until improvement of symptoms (average 8-10 sessions). You can expect to see continued improvement in function and pain relief several months after the last injection.
It is possible to go on with one treatment every other week for 10 weeks at most. For chronic pathologies, you may go on with 1 treatment weekly for 1 month until improvement of symptoms, then 1 treatment monthly.