Nutritional Counseling & Whole Food Purification Programs

Taking into consideration your unique constitution and health goals, you will be provided with the recommendation of nonprescription substances which meet the Food and Drug Administration labeling requirements and good manufacturing practices (GMP certified), as dietary supplements to promote health.  The dietary guidelines will be customized through nutritional counseling as used in acupuncture and oriental medicine and the administration, prescription, and/or recommendation of nutritional supplements to promote, maintain, and restore health and to prevent disease.

The program is either a 10-day, 21-day, or 42-day program.  It includes a daily support email, a cookbook, a guidebook, weekly acupuncture, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling to help you be determined on your path to obtaining optimal wellness.  Your body will be so happy and thank you!

When is the best time to do a purification program?

Whole food purification programs are ideally done in the fall and spring during major season changes to boost your immune system and help you transition smoothly to the new temperatures/weather and seasonal foods.  However, a program can be completed at any time of the year (I.E. after the winter holidays, before a major life event or vacation, after a period of extreme stress).  You’ll be supported every step of the way in pressing the reset button and creating a “new normal”, so that you don’t slip back into old, deleterious habits.

How will I feel? 

You will be given dietary & lifestyle recommendations before starting a program to help reduce the detoxification intensity.  The first 72 hours can be the most challenging as the liver goes through the initial detoxification but after just the first week, you will notice glowing skin, a clear and sharp mind, balanced mood, deep sleep, weight loss, smooth digestion, reduced pain/inflammation and regulated hormones.   Please join me in feeling blissed!