Greg S

I spent many years as a competitive body builder, which eventually became impossible because of the damage I inflicted to my joints from lifting heavy weights and using generally poor form. I later developed a passion for Triathlon but found it difficult to do those events because of joint and back pain. I was never one to believe in Naturopathic medicine or Acupuncture or anything out of the mainstream of western medicine. That has changed completely.

I now have monthly visits with Mara Kevan for Acupuncture and other “alternative” treatments and am happy to say that I live generally pain free. I have continued to train and compete in Triathlon events and completed my first Ironman a few months ago. I continue to train for upcoming races and events and enjoy every minute of it.

I am thankful for the way Mara treats me and my ailments and listens to me as we discuss my current condition. She always has my best interests in mind when performing treatments and offering natural supplements. I am forever grateful!